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          Born in 1993 in Toronto, Canada, to Nigerian parents,  Sigma Foxx (Ayo Alade) is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist who specializes in conceptual and surreal photography . Back in 2009, while looking for a phone charger in his mother's bedroom, Sigma found a Nikon D60 and immediately fell in love. After years of constant YouTube tutorials and practice, he started to take photography more seriously, taking photographs of buildings, flowers, and people. Always in search of more potent ways to convert his thoughts and ideas into measured blends of both the familiar and the distant, he would come to embrace conceptual and surreal photography as the perfect fit for him. Sigma always wanted observers to feel the wind in his art. After 6 years of diligent practice,he started to enter group art exhibitions, which then led to his first solo exhibition in April 2016. Sigma's influences are Salvador Dali, Jean Michel Basquiat, and Pablo Picasso. Sigma is also a musician on the come up and he names Stromae, Tyler the creator,  Kanye West, and Fela Kuti amongst his favorite musical influences. He currently resides in Toronto and he is currently working on his debut Album. 

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